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About SANJAMB 2017

SANJAMB 2017 will take place at Doornkloof Farm, in the Free State, between 8th December 2017 and 16th December 2017. With some fantastic Scouting activities planned, SANJAMB 2017 is going to be a blast!!!!

At a cost of R 2,250, it's really affordable and includes all Accomodation, Meals, Activities, etc. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? APPLY TO ATTEND NOW!!

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PLEASE NOTE: SANJAMB 2017 will operate in a cashless environment.

For security reasons, SANJAMB 2017 will operate in a cashless environment. This means that no cash will be allowed on SANJAMB 2017.

SANJAMB will operate a small tuck shop where sweets and coldrinks can be purchased, but cash cannot be used to pay for any items.

This will be managed in an environment where each SANJAMB participant will be issued with a barcoded ID card (With their facial picture on it) that will be required to be swiped for every purchase.

Pocket money for SANJAMB can be loaded on the ID Card by making a payment into the SANJAMB bank account with the same reference you used when you paid your SANJAMB Fee (IE: Payments made must be referenced with the same SSA Number).

We recommend that Pocket Money is paid at least a week before SANJAMB takes place as payments into the SANJAMB bank account take two or three working days to reflect. Credit will only be added to this ID card once payments are reflecting in the SANJAMB bank account.

What You'll Need At SANJAMB 2017


If you are attending SANJAMB 2017 as a Scout or Guide or Ranger, you will need to bring the following items with you:

  • Notes for Mom & Dad
    • The Scout Motto is "Be Prepared". It's not Mom's or Dad's motto, it's your Scouts Motto. Please allow them the ability to understand this and learn what being prepared is all about.
    • As each Scout is responsible for their own actions, each Scout MUST pack their own bag. This is part of the Scouting way of ensuring that a Scout takes responsibility for their actions
    • If Mom or Dad (or any other Adult) packs your Scout's bag, you will be removing any lessons to be learnt and severely limiting your child's ability to learn how to manage themselves in a Scouting environment. (We promise, your child will not go hungry and have a roof over their head for at least 6 of the 8 nights @ SANJAMB)
    • We suggest that you hand the downloaded list to your Scout and let them get on with it. Their choices, their actions, their consequences
    • As a side note: A Troop Scouter from Sandton once said to me "I've only ever had a Scout leave their sleeping bag at home ONCE. They never left anything at home ever again."
  • Your signed Consent Form
    • Don't leave home without it.
    • Scouts / Guides / Rangers / Adult Leaders will be turned away from the Buses and Main Gate if they do not have a signed Consent Form
    • If a Scout / Guide / Ranger / Adult Leader arrives at SANJAMB without their signed consent form, SANJAMB will be over for that Scout / Guide / Ranger / Adult Leader before it starts
  • Your full Scout / Guide / Ranger uniform
    • Please ensure that a old plastic or wire clothes hanger is packed. This is used to keep the uniform hung up during SANJAMB (instead of crumpled up in a bag)
    • Scouts / Guides / Rangers & Adult Leaders are required to travel to and from SANJAMB in full uniform
    • The uniform will also be needed for opening & closing parades and other ceremonies
  • Any prescription medication that the Scout / Guide / Ranger requires with detailed instructions on usage and dosage of this medication
    • This does not refer to standard over the shelf medication. This refers to any prescription medication that the Scout is required to take
    • Please pack these items in a watertight contained (A ziplock bag will do) and include a written list of instructions, stored in the container
    • Please write the name of the Scout / Guide / Ranger and their current Scout / Guide / Ranger group in PERMANENT MARKER on the outside of the container
  • A Cap or two (Peak or wide brimmed)
  • Sunscreen (It gets hot in December in the Free State)
  • Your Scout knife (Only if you have completed your Axe and Knife Safety Advancement Task)
    • We suggest that you attach a lanyard to your knife and attach this lanyard to your belt
    • Alternatively, please ensure your knife is worn on your belt in a suitable container / carry device.
  • A Standard Scout Mess kit
    • Must include at least a knife, fork, spoon, plate, bowl, mug, small washing up liquid, washing up cloth and drying cloth
    • These must be in a separate bag for use during meal times
    • As a side note, Outdoor Warehouse offer a reasonably priced mess kit in plastic & a netting bag & we've found that taking your Scout Scarf with you might result in a little discount
  • Your personal toiletries
    • Should include toothbrush, toothpaste, comb / brush, soap, shampoo, towel, deodorant and any other toiletries of a personal nature
    • No make-up will be allowed on SANJAMB 2017
  • Clothes for the full 8 days
    • There are no clothes washing facilities at Doornkloof, so clothes for the full duration of SANJAMB are required
    • This should include:
      • Underware & socks (A clean pair of both for each day) (Lots of walking will be done)
      • Shirts (A mixture of long and short sleeved shirts are recommended).
        • We recommend that a shirt for each day @ SANJAMB is packed
        • On a Scout Camp, long sleeved shirts are better than short sleeved shirts. If you have to make a choice, choose a long sleeved shirt over a short sleeved shirt
      • Pants (It's recommended that a minimum of 3 long pants are packed. Pack more if you have the space)
        • Pants with lots of pockets are recommended
      • Shorts (It's recommended that a minimum of 4 pairs of shorts are packed. Pack more if you have the space.)
        • Shorts with lots of pockets are recommended
      • Swimming costume + Swimming Towel
      • A pair of flip flops (or Plakkies) for use in the Showers
      • At least 1 warm jersey or fleece top (There are some evening activities planned)
      • A lightweight waterproof jacket or rain coat (It rains in summer in the Free State)
      • A well worn pair of walking shoes / takkies (or hiking boots if you have them)
        • Two pairs of shoes are preferable, but not required
        • Please, no brand new shoes / takkies or boots here. Shoes or boots must be walked in before SANJAMB
        • We recommend that a spare set of shoe laces are packed
    • Please remember that SANJAMB is held in the middle of the South African summer in the Free State where daily temperatures often reach well in excess of 30 °C. Please be prepared for this as sunburn could ruin SANJAMB for an unprepared Scout / Guide / Ranger
  • A cheap or old white T-Shirt (Without any markings)
    • This will be used in the Tie Dying Activity Base
  • A small pillow, sleeping bag and camping sleeping mattress
    • Scouts will sleep on mattressed bunks for the majority of SANJAMB, but will spend at least 2 nights in a backwoods and Scout camp
    • A camping sleeping mattress is a thin, high density foam mattress, specifically designed for lightweight camping. Please do not bring any air mattresses, or any large mattresses as we do not have any space to store these & large mattresses are challenging to carry to and from the backwoods and Scout camp
  • A small back pack (Used to carry the Scouts / Guides / Rangers personal kit with them during the day)
    • This can be a school satchel if the satchel does not have book dividers
  • A 1 litre water bottle
    • We recommend that each Scout has the ability to carry at least 1 litre of water with them during the day @ SANJAMB
    • There is drinking water available at every Activity Centre & in each Sub Camp, but each Scout / Guide / Ranger will need a suitable drinking container
    • Base and Activity Leaders will recommend that each Scout / Guide / Ranger is suitably hydrated, but it is up to the Scout / Guide / Ranger to manage this

Please remember to mark all items that you bring with you clearly with your full name and current Scout / Guide Group. All unclaimed lost property items will be sent back to National Head Office (in Cape Town) at the end of SANJAMB 2017

Remember, always "Be Prepared", but please don't be severely over prepared. All of these items should fit into a single suitcase or backpack

You should NOT bring the following items with you:

  • Any make up
  • Any clothing with words and/or symbols not consistent with Scouting principles
  • Televisions, stereos/radios/cassette/CD players/MP3 players (boom boxes), pagers, electronic games, and other electronic devices
    • We will set up a centralised WiFi Network that will allow Scouts / Guides / Rangers access to WhatsApp, so, if the Scout / Guide / Ranger has a cell phone, please feel free to bring it with to SANJAMB 2017. The SANJAMB Management Team takes no responsibility for the security of any Electronic Devices on SANJAMB. If your Scout / Guide / Ranger will be bringing an Electronic Device with them, please ensure that the Scout / Guide / Ranger understands that they are responsible for keeping it in a safe environment while on SANJAMB.
    • Other than the Centralised WiFi Network, there is minimal cellular reception at Doornkloof.
    • Cell phone usage by Scouts / Guides / Rangers will be actively monitored during SANJAMB and excessive usage may result in electronic devices being confiscated on SANJAMB. (Confiscated devices will be returned to the Scouts / Guide / Ranger at the end of SANJAMB)
  • Any matches, lighters, fire strikers, etc. (The ability to make fire). Doornkloof Farm is in a nature reserve that has not had much rain in the last year. Fire could be seriously challenging. If you are required to make fire as part of an activity, you will be provided with the necessary equipment

If you are attending SANJAMB 2017 as an Activity Adult Support Leader or a SANJAMB Troop Scouter or a SANJAMB Assistant Troop Scouter, you will need to bring the following items with you:

  • Your signed Adult Leader Consent Form
  • Bring stuff for an 10 day camp. You know what to do.

What's Provided @ SANJAMB 2017

SANJAMB 2017 will provide the following while you are on SANJAMB:

  • All Accommodation
    • All accommodation is under roof (in Bungalows), but two evenings are planned per patrol in a Scout and Backwoods Camp
  • All Meals
  • Your SANJAMB Cap
  • Your SANJAMB Scarf
  • Your SANJAMB T-Shirt (or Golf Shirt if you are attending as an Adult)
  • Your SANJAMB 2017 Badge

In addition to this, each SANJAMB Troop will be issued with a First Aid kit for minor incidents. Major First Aid incidents (If these happen) will be managed at the various Field First Aid Stations (Manned 24x7)

This is all included in the cost of attending SANJAMB 2017

Questions & Answers

When should I arrive at SANJAMB?

  • If you are getting to SANJAMB on a SANJAMB arranged bus, departure and arrival information will be communicated to you directly
  • If you are a Scout / Guide / Ranger and travelling to SANJAMB under your own steam, you should arrive at SANJAMB in the morning of Friday 8th December 2017
  • If you are an Adult Leader, you should arrive at SANJAMB in the morning of Thursday 7th December 2017

Do I need some pocket money at SANJAMB?

  • SANJAMB will operate a tuck shop where sweets and coldrinks will be available
  • SANJAMB operates in a cashless environment. Please refer to the note at the top of this section for more details

What will Scouts/ Guides / Rangers be doing @ SANJAMB?

  • Many scouting and interesting activities are on offer @ SANJAMB. Please see the high level items above
  • We also have items like Movie Nights, a Scouts Own, Camp Fires and a Talent Contest amongst many others

As a Parent, will I be able to communicate with my Scout / Guide / Ranger during SANJAMB?

  • Please note that Cellular signal at Doornkloof is severely limited
  • SANJAMB will operate a HAM radio that will broadcast from the Jamboree via ham radio, the internet and social media platforms
  • We will also operated a closed WiFi network that will allow access to WhatsApp. However this may not be available for 100% of the time and your Scout / Guide / Ranger may not be in range of this WiFi Network often.

What happens in the event of a medical emergency?

  • SANJAMB has a team of highly trained and exceptionally capable medical staff on call, stationed at SANJAMB, for the entire duration of SANJAMB
  • In the event of a medical emergency, depending on the severity of the emergency, medical action will be taken (Your signed Consent Form is used in determining the relevant actions.)
    • If the emergency warrants it, evacuation to the nearest hospital will be provided
    • If the emergency warrants it, Parents / Legal Guardians will be contacted and informed of actions taken and actions required

What happens if there is still a positive balance on the ID Card at the end of SANJAMB?

  • Once SANJAMB has ended and if the ID Card still has a positive balance on it, you will be contacted and asked for instructions on what to do with the available money
  • You can choose to leave the positive balance on the Card as this card will be used for further Scouting activities in the future, or you could choose to have the positive balance removed from the card and paid back to you
  • There is a real possibility that this action will only happen in January 2018 as most of the Staff @ SANJAMB will probably need a good holiday after SANJAMB!

Can I purchase some required items from SANJAMB?

  • We are currently investigating whether we should do this. (Bulk purchasing of items that will be available for collection @ SANJAMB)
  • If you need items like a sleeping bag, mess kit, etc. Please send an email to detailing your requirements and we will see what we can do.
  • Please note that items of a personal nature will not be provided for using this mechanism (Clothes, Toiletries, Shoes, etc.)


8th to 16th December 2017
Doornkloof Farm, Free State

SANJAMB 2017 Chairman

Rolf Ludwig


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